DIY Prescription Scuba Dive Mask
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This is a custom bracket for holding a pair of prescription lenses inside a scuba dive mask.


The goggles here are the Atomic Frameless 2.  These goggles are great quality, have a wide field-of view, and have enough clearance to fit a pair of glasses inside.


I designed the bracket in Autodesk Inventor and printed it on a 3D printer.  You can find my design files on Thingiverse here.  If you want to customize this bracket to fit your specific glasses and mask, you can get a free copy of Autodesk Fusion 360 here.


Aquaseal is a great choice for gluing the bracket to the glasses.  You can also use hot glue – it has good adhesion to PLA plastic and is non-destructive.


I am very farsighted (+5) and these are the cheapest lenses available (N=1), so they are quite thick.  They still fit, but there is not much clearance between my face, the lenses, and the mask.  If you have a bad prescription like me, I’d recommend using high index lenses.




This is a particularly cheap and effective way to get prescription goggles, but it requires a bit of design and 3D printing knowledge.  Removing the glasses from the mask for cleaning is quick.  Additionally, there are no modifications to the mask.

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