Motorcycle Brake/Turn Light PCB
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A stranger off eBay got me pulled over, from across the world.

I have a 1983 Kawasaki CSR 305 that has a hint of a cafe racer.  For the look, I replaced the stock brake and turn lights with a LED brake/turn light combo from eBay.  It was manufactured overseas, very cheaply.


typical cheap brake/turn light


Something failed and the lights went out…at night…while riding.  This upset the local authorities.

I wasn’t able to find a good quality brake/turn light combo that looked good for under $100, so I decided to build my own.


simple current control for running, plate, brake, left, and right turn lights


pcb layout - designed in circuitmaker
pcb layout – designed in circuitmaker  (extra traces for heat dissipation)

I removed the board from my broken eBay brake light and designed a board that would fit into the same enclosure.  The PCB is from OSH Park.



I bought 1000mcd 120° red and amber LEDs.  They are astoundingly bright.


Running Light and Turn Signal
Running Light and Turn Signal


Disclaimer:  Use at your own risk.  Check state and local laws first.

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