Octopart API Pricing Scheme
Topics: Circuits, tech

Octopart, the search engine for electronic and industrial parts, doesn’t post the pricing for their API on their website. There’s a bit of irony, since Octopart scrapes pricing from sites like Digikey, who also tries to hide their pricing.

The Octopart API is a great resource for pricing BOMs. KiCost is a great example of tool that uses the Octopart API (although KiCost has moved away from Octopart due to the paywall).

As of June 2019, the Octopart API is as follows:

  • $25/month – up to 1,000 HTTP requests per month
  • $50/month – up to 5,000 HTTP requests per month
  • $100/month – up to 12,000 HTTP requests per month
  • $200/month – up to 25,000 HTTP requests per month

$25/month is the minimum – you can’t pay less. Octopart will happily sell you a custom plan if you need more than 25,000 requests per month.

Students (with a .edu email) can get 500 HTTP requests per month for free.

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