Powered Subwoofer for Your Car and House
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I have a thing for subwoofers, convenience, and low cost. Arguing over DVCs in $300 subs isn’t my thing.

This 8-inch tube subwoofer was $1 a garage sale.


Tube subs are popular for their size and portability, you can set it in a car trunk or behind a truck seat with no thought or effort.  The enclosure is plastic so they are lightweight.  To reclaim trunk space, pull it out.




I picked up a 45W RMS powered sub from Goodwill for $5.  The amplifier inside runs off 12-18V.  This means it can be powered from 2 very common sources:

  • an old laptop charger
  • a car





I removed the amp out of the powered sub, screwed it into the back of the tube, surrounded it with wood, and covered it in plexiglass.

I use this subwoofer all the time, normally it is in my car.  Since there are only two cables leading to it, I can pull it out quickly.

This is the most convenient and versatile subwoofer I have ever used (certainly not the loudest!).  First, it’s lightweight; I can carry it with one hand.  Second, it’s durable; I’ve dropped it a few times, played it outside, in cold weather, and in the snow.  Third, I don’t feel bad mistreating a sub that costs $6.  And most importantly, it makes a nice seat.

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