You Don’t Suck At Flying A Quad – You Just Don’t Know What You’re Doing
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The same scene plays out everytime I see someone fly a quadcopter indoors… They lift it off the ground, hover for a few seconds, move back and forth, then a spectator roars.

Land it in my hands!

This is not easy.  First, it is a not simple to hold a microquad in one position for 5-10 seconds as you lower into someone’s hand.  Second, hands are small – much smaller than the floor.  Third, you get some Ground Effect and maybe Vortex Ring State from hitting your own prop wash; all make holding a precise position that much harder.  Fourth, if you bought a microquad, the motors heat up and slow down mid-flight – throwing off the trim you wasted an entire battery perfecting.

You struggle with the landing, whether it is a pair of hands or a coffee table.  How discouraging.  Why is landing so hard?  Isn’t takeoff and landing the first and the easiest things you should learn?



No.  I argue that this skill is secondary.

Quit hovering 4 inches above the floor.  Take off quickly and get in the air.

You know what’s more important?  Hovering.  Maintaining a position in midair.  If you can’t hover, you’ll can’t land.

Struggling with hovering?  That’s ok.  Check out my article on hovering.

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