Integrate Zooz ZEN34 with Home Assistant
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This overviews adding a Zooz ZEN34 smart switch to Home Assistant and using it to trigger automations.

This guide was written for HA 2021.6.6.


  1. Home Assistant
  2. Z-Wave USB Hub
    I recommend either the Aeotec Z-Stick 7 or Z-Stick 5.
  3. Z-Wave JS integration on Home Assistant
    See setup instructions here.
  4. Zooz ZEN34 Smart Wireless Z-Wave Switch

Add ZEN34 to Z-WaveJS

  1. Remove paper battery tabs from switch to power on switch
  2. Login to Home Assistant
  3. Go to Z-Wave JS and press “Add/Remove Device”

  4. Select “Secure Inclusion” and press “Start”

  5. The switch should show up on the Z-Wave JS Control Panel.
    If the fields are fully filled in (they shown “unknown” or “dead”), wait 5 minutes.
    If the fields still haven’t shown up, press the upper paddle 7 times to force the switch to wake up and send/receive configuration data.

Listen for Switch Presses

The switch should show up as a device under Configuration->Devices. Unintuitively, the switch will not have any entities for the two buttons, but just entities for battery status.

When the switch is pressed, a zwave_js_value_notification event is generated. The event contains data about which button was pressed and how many times it was pressed. To use the switch for an automation, we will use this event as the trigger.

  1. Go to Developer Tools->Events
  2. Under “Listen to events”, enter zwave_js_value_notification and press “Start Listening”
    Note – you can also enter “*” to listen to all events.

  3. Press a button on the switch. You should see the event appear.
    The important data are event_type, device_id, label, and value.
    device_id – identifies the switch
    label – “Scene 001” = upper button, “Scene 002” = lower button
    value – how many times the button has been pressed

We can now use this data to trigger an automation.

Trigger an Automation

  1. Go to Configuration->Automation->Add Automation

  2. Under Triggers:
    – Trigger Type: Event
    – Event Type: zwave_js_value_notification
    – Event Data (from the “Listen for Events” step) :
    device_id: <your_device_id>
    label: <your_label>
    value: <your_value>

  3. Add the rest of your automation’s conditions and actions.

List of Event Data

The ZEN34 switch supports multiple presses (up to 5 presses) and long holds.

The table below shows the label and value data to use in your automation trigger’s event data.

Upper Button1 PressScene 001KeyPressed
Upper Button2 PressesScene 001KeyPressed2x
Upper Button3 PressesScene 001KeyPressed3x
Upper Button4 PressesScene 001KeyPressed4x
Upper Button5 PressesScene 001KeyPressed5x
Upper ButtonKey Held Down (long press)Scene 001KeyHeldDown
Upper ButtonKey Released (long press)Scene 001KeyReleased
Lower Button1 PressScene 002KeyPressed
Lower Button2 PressesScene 002KeyPressed2x
Lower Button3 PressesScene 002KeyPressed3x
Lower Button4 PressesScene 002KeyPressed4x
Lower Button5 PressesScene 002KeyPressed5x
Lower ButtonKey Held Down (long press)Scene 002KeyHeldDown
Lower ButtonKey Released (long press)Scene 002KeyReleased

6 thoughts on “Integrate Zooz ZEN34 with Home Assistant

  1. Thanks so much for this walk through. I was able to take your steps and modify them to listen for the Zen34 that I have running though SmartThings.

    In my case, I just needed this info to set up the automation:
    event_type: smartthings.button

    device_id: 12345678-1234-1234-1234-12345678901
    value: up

    When the Zen34 is connected through SmartThings, there is no scene in the event, so I just needed the device_id and value in the Event Data section.

    I would have never figured it out without your guide. I really appreciate you taking the time to post it!

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